Ice systems

Ice is the perfect chilling medium for fish and other seafood. We deliver container-based ice plants, ice machines and slurry ice production


Our Finsam ice systems are recog­nised in the inter­na­tional seafood industry, and cover such products as container-based ice plants, ice machines and slurry ice production.

Finsam ice plants feature well-proven technology which offers unbea­table benefits:

  • easy to transport
  • big refri­ge­ration capacity
  • quick cooling
  • keeps the surface of the fish clean and moist.

Finsam contai­nerised ice plant

Contai­nerised ice plant able to provide automatic delivery to boats and lorries/bins, and to produce ice slurry.

Finsam ice plants are based on the well-proven ice rake concept, with delivery to fishing ports and factories all over the world.


Finsam plate ice

Finsam plate ice provides a versatile, clear and clean product, where flat and parallel surfaces without sharp edges reduce fish damage.

  • Clear and clean ice.
  • Moderate subcooling – produced ice is slightly sub-cooled but wet on one side.
  • Wet and dry-wet for instant cooling.
  • Dry for long-term storage and hot climates.
  • Adjustable thickness and crushing grades, can be adapted to all cooling purposes.
  • Less damage to the fish.
  • Larger cooling capacity per unit volume.
  • Free flowing – easy to handle.
  • Compact/solid frozen, water- and air-free.
  • Easy to convert for pumpable slurry ice.
  • Evapo­ration tempe­ra­tures from ‑10°C to ‑15°C give low power consumption.

Finsam flow-ice

Finsam flow-ice systems make it easy to distribute ice in pipe systems. You achieve a rapid decrease in fish tempe­rature, at the same time as the ice is very gentle and careful with the fish.

  • Pumpable and easy to distribute in pipe systems.
  • No fresh water required.
  • Very compact design.
  • Evapo­ration tempe­rature of ‑10°C gives low power consumption.
  • Designed for shipboard instal­lation.
  • High-capacity models available with pump-circu­lated ammonia as refri­gerant.
  • Can be combined with RSW units.
  • Complete plants include pumps, controls and storage systems.
  • Flow-ice racks with two to 12 ice generators for connection to remote refri­ge­ration systems.
  • Ice generators as an OEM product for other ice-machine manufacturers.

Finsam slurry ice

  • Ice slurry made from crushed, plate or flake ice.
  • Ice stored in dry condition.
  • High production capacity.
  • Large slurry storage tank not required.
  • Slurry and conven­tional ice from the same plant.
  • Possible to control salinity.

Finsam auto-ice

  • Self-service ice delivery with card system.
  • Customer database records for delivered ice.
  • Optional connection to admini­strative systems for sharing data (interphase).
  • Automatic control of functions via the control panel or a tablet, smart phone or computer.


Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

Environment-friendly energy plant for Marøya salmon facility

PTG secures major contract from Sinka­berg­Hansen
Delivering complete ice plant to InnovaNor

Delivering complete ice plant to InnovaNor

PTG secures major contract from SalMar in Lenvik