RSW system for Scottish well boat owner


Photo: Aas Mek

The Marsali well boat was delivered this spring from Norway’s Aas Mek yard to Scotland’s Migdale Transport Ltd. This vessel is equipped with a refri­ge­rated seawater (RSW) system from PTG.

Specially equipped for trans­porting smolts and for carrying live fish in a closed system, Marsali measures 62 metres in length and has a cargo capacity of 1 500 cubic metres.

Local value creation
A specialist in designing and building well boats, Aas Mek is located in Vestnes local authority just to the south of Molde in Møre og Romsdal county. A number of suppliers in this area have made deliveries in connection with the construction of Marsali.

One of these is PTG Frionordica in Malme­fjorden a little to the north of Aas Mek. It has delivered a 1 100 kW RSW system, which is equipped with control and alarm systems from PTG Friologica.

Marsali owner Migdale Transport Ltd is based in Bonar Bridge and produces smolts, trans­ports live fish and provides well boat services. The newbuilding will work in Scotland for Cooke Aquaculture’s fish farming activities across the country.

Origi­nally due to take place in the Orkneys during mid-May, the naming ceremony for Marsali has had to be postponed indefi­nitely because of the corona­virus epidemic.