Norway’s largest centre of expertise for tempe­rature management


Good planning is important for achieving the best results.

We support our customers with expertise at an early stage in their projects.

Our extensive experience, combined with a commitment to research and devel­opment, means we can offer solid advice on energy management and devel­opment projects.

All our customers are welcome to seek obligation-free advice from our specia­lists and engineers.


We have long and broad experience with design and delivery of refri­ge­ration plants and associated systems.

Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2008, and we have national approval where liability law is concerned.

Certi­fi­cation allows us to design and deliver all types of facilities for our customers – regardless of size of scope. This covers everything from design and engineering to construction and instal­lation.

Our experience with and expertise in refri­ge­ration technology and related disci­plines equip us to develop systems tailored each customer’s individual require­ments.


As a turnkey supplier, we take respon­s­i­bility for the whole construction process.

Our experi­enced project managers are also happy to accept respon­s­i­bility for sub or side contracts related to your project.

We offer our customers complete technical deliveries which also embrace sanitary systems and elect­rical outfitting. We execute such projects with our partners.


A mainte­nance agreement gives you, as the customer, a single point of contact, and all servicing is concen­trated in a single contract.

That provides predicta­bility with regard to costs and opera­tions. As one of our contract customers, you have access to a 24-hour duty officer.

We have more than 250 contracts, making us an important player in the market for permanent mainte­nance assign­ments. As the partner to such agreements, we take respon­s­i­bility for maintaining your refrigeration/freezing plant throughout the agreement period.

Where our contract customers are concerned, we take respon­s­i­bility in relation to the F‑gas regula­tions and ensure that official documen­tation require­ments are met.