We help to cut energy consumption and increase profi­ta­bility for our customers in the marine, industrial, commercial and air conditioning markets.

Cooling, icing, freezing, thawing and heating for the seafood industry, ships, super­markets and other industrial purposes


Chilled and frozen with top taste and nutrient content

We know that the end-product value increases when fish are chilled and frozen while at their freshest and when their nutrient content is at its best. Our solutions also improve operating economics by cutting fuel consumption and working time. In partnership with our customers, we identify the perfect tempe­rature and solutions which are cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

Our marine customers:
White fish vessels, pelagic vessels, well boats and suppliers of factories and processing plants.

Products and services:
RSW systems → Heat pumps → Ice systems → Freezing plantsControl systems → Thawing

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Efficient processing and high quality

Our knowledge of efficient production and high quality provides customers with the perfect tempe­rature and the best results. Seeing the overall picture in close coope­ration with customers allows us to help enhance end-product value.

Our industrial customers:
Aquaculture, processing of white and pelagic fish (filleting, packing and freezing), abattoirs, bakeries, food on the go, studies and research, power generation, breweries, and suppliers of factories and processing plants.

Products and services:
RSW systems → Heat pumps → Ice systems → Freezing plantsControl systems → Thawing

Services → Support 


Preserve the original quality all the way home

Our refri­ge­ration and heat pump solutions help to keep food fresh and healthy in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. In coope­ration with our customers, we develop forward-looking solutions which suit stores of all sizes in the grocery sector.

Our grocery customers:
Individual stores, chains and construction companies.


Reduce energy costs – a better climate indoors and globally

Together with customers, we develop environment-friendly air conditioning and heating solutions which help to cut energy consumption and improve profi­ta­bility. We take care of the environment and the customer’s values in a secure manner, and provide the best service and follow-up from the first conver­sation and throughout the system’s commercial life.

We are the main supplier for Trane in northern Norway.

Our climate customers:
Construction companies, pipework and sanitary equipment contractors, property devel­opers, computer rooms, public and private buildings, hospitals and housing associa­tions.

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